Saturday, July 20, 2013

Don't get trolled . This is not crack version. THE SONG TITLE IS CRACK

This the coverrrr>>>>>>>  「crack」 歌ってみた♪-【れに~♡ 】

The lyrics of crack really .. I just love it.

On the nights when the sound of the rain echos in the air 

I'd hear your laughter inside my heart 
No matter how tightly I tied our strings of fate together, they still came apart 
What a cruel world we live in
I opened my umbrella, but I couldn't fold it back 
I must have been crying 
Because the heavy rain that washed over the whole town 
Already stopped a long time ago
You are overflowing 
And my small body isn't enough to hold you back 
Before I knew it  I've become completely empty 
And my small heart  starts to dry up
All by myself, I'm soiled 
By this cracked up world 
I'm breaking apart  I can't move 
So please, hold my hands tightly in yours
Holding my breath, I tried to smile 
But it hurt so much that I started crying 
Please, no  I don't want to be tied to anyone 
By my string of fate  other than you
I tried stretching out my fingers 
Toward the dull gray sky 
Though I knew there was no way I'd reach it 
I still whispered to myself that I only had a little way to go
I'll try to tie our strings together 
More tightly next time  so 
Just a little more 
Please stay right where you are
I fell into a sea with zero vision 
Even the present is slipping away from my view 
It's so sad I cannot possibly smile 
When you are no where in sigh
All by myself, I'm soiled 
By this cracked up world 
I'm breaking apart  I can't move 
So please, hold my hands tightly in yours

Friday, July 12, 2013

Nisekoi getting an anime~!!!!

So..Nisekoi is gonna have its anime!! YAYYYY~~ TTT^TTT LIKE FINALLY IT HAPPEN AND FRUITS ARE FINALLY BEARING AFTER  FOLLOWING IT FOR SO LONG-- ....and Kimi no Iru Machi has just started to air as well~Check them outtt! 

So Nisekoi .they calls it false love but I think fake love would be more accurate ? But oh well as the title says... its a fake love.A fake relationship form between Raku Ichijou (the harem dude fug himmmm) and Chitoge Kirisaki(ahh i like her alottt) . They had to fake this relationship to ensure the safety of Japan. Raku  is from a yakuza family while Chitoge is from a mafia family.Both of these group have been fighting since who knows when and both of the family head  wants to stop it and are actually friends,but just because they have become friends was hard to convince both of the underlings not to fight each other so they came out with a solution that is to have both their children to become fake lovers. Raku and Chitoge have to do this to preserve the peace of this country! Both of them don't get along at all and out of sudden they have to act all lovey dovey in front of the underlings... what would this comedic fake love turn into..? YOU GOTTA READ THE MANGA OR WATCH  THE ANIME THEN! Anyway I really like this manga alot and has been following it until now ~ <3Its really good and humourous and yet surprise you in every new chapter
And now it has been announced that its gonna get its anime so I gotta post this!!! xDD

And the seiyuu for the lead cast is out~!
Raku Ichijou: Kouki Uchiyama
Chitoge Kirisaki: Nao Toyama
Kosaki Onodera: Kana Hanazawa
(Wheeeee~ I love Kana Hanazawa~~~ <3)

So here's the manga link:


                                              Raku Ichijou with his harem~ UGHHH KILLS///

    His princesses~ (I would call them that xD)
                       awwww I love both of themmm >__< ....actually I like all of them AHAHAHAHH

                           lakjflkasjflaksfljfaskj//DIES// This is Tsumugi~~ cksjflas She's soooo cuteeeeee <333

AHHAHAHAHAH Their face when they find out about the so called solution..

One of the jackass stuff that Raku did HAHAHAHAHh WTF.MAN WHO WOULD GIVE THIS TO HER GF---PFFFT

awww Onodera is sooo cuteee asklfaskjfaslfkjslfjlasjfklasjfklajs

awwww LOOK AT CHITOGE LKASfkjasflaksfalfalskjflajf SOOO CUTEEE

one of the sweet moments that actually has no interruptions~

and not to be unfair to Onodera~~~ <333

AND NOWWWW CHOOOSE!! MORE LIKE CAN U CHOOOSE? HEHEHEH xD Hope u enjoy my rantings~ <333333333

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Aku no Hana [Flower of evil]

  Aku no Hana. Flower of evil .What I think it meant was flower of evil in somebody is slowly blooming.Thats what I understood after watching it.

Plot summary : Takao Kasuga who is really engrossed in the works of Baudelaire .One day, when he left his book at school and went back to get it... he saw Nanako Saeki's ,the girl he has a crush on , gym clothes. Thus driven by impulse.. he took it back .In other words : Stole it. And this act was seen by Sawa Nakamura and the story goes on--. The plot as u can see is really simple but the way the author actually express it is just breathtaking. It really creeps me out like how Nakamura does all the crazy things and forces Kasuga to break the wall around him. And making him wear Saeki's gym clothes when he was on a date with her. It all sound really simple and typical plot. But what make it awesome is the art and the music and how the author express the characters. The art is made in a way of realistic way and many people can't stand it and I can't see why.The way it is is what makes it really creepy and mesmerizing. Nakamura really creeps me out in so many ways but all my friends seems to like her well except for me ahhaha .I like Saeki but later on she went crazy as well and well that kinda turn me off-- LOLOLOLO AHHAHA But anyway just to say is despite the art being not like the usual one ..its really worth a try to watch it and you willl be surprised.
This is where Kasuga went back to take his book and well the event that changed his entire life.


Awww Nanako Saeki. I like her the most in this anime <3 But later she became a biatch and went crazy and rape Kasuga D'' ;;; WHYYY??!! TT__TT

Date A Live (デート・ア・ライブ)

 Date A live. Basically  if you're man and you don't watch it.. you're probably gay or not a man LOL . The characters are all moe in their own ways~ I love all of them!! >__<

Okay basically the summary of the plot is the spacequake that "spirits" create when they land on earth.Shido Itsuka (the main protagonist and the lucky bastard) holds the power to seal the spirit's power and not make them go berserk with their power--but he will have to make them fall in love with him kiss them to seal it .Kotori which is his sister also turns out to be the captain of the airship Fraxinus and has appointed him to seal the spirit's power. First one for him to conquer is Tohka. and guess what? THEY ARE HAVING A SECOND SEASON WHEEE~~~
Yatogami Tohka.
Codename: Princess
She is the first spirit to be saved by Shido and she's really cute  >__< SOO TSUNDERE <33

Kotori Itsuka.
Younger sister of Shido and later to be revealed that she is also a spirit <333 HER SPIRIT OUTFIT IS REALLY PRETTY *Q*

And the 3 of them in hot spring-- they have come a long way to reach the hot spring =__= AND LOOK AT TOHKA"S FACE ALSFKJASFKLJ SOO CUTEEE

Kurumi Tokisaki.
She's kinda yandere? BUT I LIKE HER. She's creepy yet desiring.... I like her in both her spirit and normal form .


Kotori is darn cute as well AKJFALSJFLSK And she turns out to be a spirit as well awww <33

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyo [Dog and Scissor]

Plot summary :The absurd mystery comedy centers around Kazuhito Harumi, a high school boy who is obsessed with reading books. One day, he is killed in the middle of a robbery — and resurrected as a dachshund dog. Unable to read in his new form, the hapless Kazuhito now belongs to Kirihime Natsuno, a sadistic novelist who uses scissors on Kazuhito to abuse him.

Looks like a nice anime to watch fufufufuu~ <33 Gonna check it out ! I will update on this more when I actually watch it!