Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Maoyuu Maoh Yuusha


Been wanting to write a review on this but was lazy to screenshot the pictures .But now I am lazy to do my homework so I guess I will not waste my time.Maoyuu Maoh Yuusha in short is Maoyuu .This anime has a cute romance from what I can see from the Yuusha and Maoh .They both are just so innocent and sweet xD Maoh is just tooo cute!!This story is about Yuusha setting out to kill the Maoh and he left his comrades to face the Maoh alone because he wants to protect his comrades but when he met the demon king .SHE turns out to be a bishoujo!Thus He couldn't lay a hand on her and Maoh does not want kill or fight as well.She wanted to meet the Yuusha for a very long time already.She wanted Yuusha to take her to the outside world and stop war with the least bloodshed .So she want Yuusha to aid her and she wants to aid Yuusha into accomplishing it since they both wants the same thing.And so they both form a contract.Yuusha belongs to Maoh and Maoh belongs to Yuusha.Actually I think Maoh likes Yuusha LOL!! Obviously.Thus they set out to work towards their goals.First,Maoh uses her intelligience and introduce potato as a food to solve the problem for the countries that are short of food.Guess I will stop here and PICTURES TIME~
                                                            The Maoh.So pretty rightttttt :3
                Thats why he couldn't lay a hand on her~ Who would have thought she is such a bishoujo??!!
                                         She wants the Yuusha.How can the Yuusha say no? xD

They come offf?????!!!! I laughed at this parttt so muchh!!!The horns were fake apparently =3=

She said her flesh were useless and that what men seeks in women she doesnt have it.All she have is all these useless flesh and I am like LOL WHAT MEN SEEK IN WOMEN YOU TOTALLY HAVE IT.                               
The mages~ They havent appear but I look forward to their appearance!!
                                                                  What a lucky bastard.
                                          UGHHH But they dint manage to kisss.So potong stim huh
Random demons~ They are slave to the humans when the demon world lose the war and its vice versa.If the humans lose.The humans will become the slaves instead.

HOHOHO~ My favourite character next to Maoh ~ Its the knight~ And the seiyuu is Miyuki Sawashiro >< How can I not like her >W< Anyway she is cute in her own way and she is COOL!
                   See? Isnt she pretty? She can be pretty as well~ As expected from my favourite character!
                                                             Her so called useless flesh ~

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finally Tamako Market!

Tamako market is a very light and easygoing anime :3 Its funny and random! Well Tamako is a mochi maker's daughter.They own a mochi shop in a shopping district.Then one day,when Tamako was coming back from school ,she stop by the flower shop and saw a bird in the middle of the flowers.... Apparently he got was tired and fell into the bunch of flower that were to be distributed and ended up here.... Tamako accidentally sneeze on him and for his country...sneezing on someone means proposal.. and thats how he decided to stay with Tamako... ! The bird ended up at the flowers because he was searching a suitable bride for his prince back home. And the amusing thing about him is he can talk!!! LOLLL He was thin at first but later became fat because he keeps eating mochi ahahahhaa Anyway the BIRD really never failed to amaze me every episode.And Tamako is cute >< Well the whole anime is cute! Anyway some screen shots
The bird was this thin at first.................
Thats how Tamako met the bird
When Tamako is making mochi ~
Tamako: I love Mochi!
I laughed at his name I mean whats with Mochiyucky?? Of all names ??!! Tamako 's father was kinda pissed at the name ahahahhaa
I am amazed by Tamako!
This Midori-chan~ She is quite cute isnt she??
Nagase Shiori !!! My favourite girl!!!
Tamako >< I really like it when she is going to sleep because she will let down her hair
Thats how Tamako swim ahahahhaa
Arent the 4 of them just cute?>v<
The bird has to be on Tamako's head all the while -.-
My second favourite girl! Kanna-chan~
Apparently...the bird can be a projector....
hahaahhaha this is the part where they are waking Tamako
The shuttlecock hits her forehead!
Wondering why is he gold? WELL because the bird that is suppose to be on it which is fake gold bird broke and he was used to replaced it!
Notice the bird?
Tamako is just an airhead.Basically she look like Iori from Kokoro connect but have the attitude of Yui from K-ON
When the people saw him standing so proudly on it ...they were like..
Actually Mochizou is quite handsome huh ~ I find him cute >< and He likes Tamako~
Dera-chan sleeps with Tamako~ How lucky ~I am jealous >,<
LOL! Tamako's reaction hahahahahhaa and seems like Midori is quite popular
LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Kanna's chocolate is even more epic! And anyway Tamako gave the chocolates to her dad ...poor Mochizou ~

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Okay I know today I am kinda supppose to post about Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner but I am gonna talk about Btooom! first~ Since the pictures is not yet in my computer and the pictures is in my phone and I dont like to use phone to blog :3
                                                      BTOOOM! There's 3 'OOO' so don't get it wrong!

The story revolve around this guy call Sakamoto Ryouta and this online game called Btooom! .Btooom! is a game that the ONLY WEAPON is BOMB.There are different types of bombs such as the timer one ,that u can see the time when is it gonna bomb ,and there is the homing type that can fly and once lock on to the person it will fly until it hit that person and BOOM! explode ,then there is the type like suck everything in when its a placed on that person, another one is the cracker type which explode when it land, another one is gas type that gives off poisonous gas that apparently rot the person ..and I remember there is another one that is flame type  and another this is the chip in their hand that function as radar.  Anyway back to Sakamoto....he is one of the best ranked player worldwide and he is really respected in Btooom! But in reality he is unemployed for 2 years and a shut in . Then one day ,when as usual his mum is nagging him about getting a job he got angry and went to convenience store to get something and suddenly he was approached by 2 men in black suit.When he woke up, he was wearing a parachute stuck on a tree .He couldnt remember why he was there or where is he... After he got off the parachute he found some food apparently the one he got from the convenience store then he met the first person on that island when he was walking aimlessly.Apparently ,the person is trying to kill him and he killed him by using his knowledge he learnt in Btooom! And he learn that this Btooom! but its not virtual and its REALITY. Then he met an old guy and learn that he actually need to get 8 chips that is embedded on people's hand that only comes off when the person die or it is surgically remove.Meaning he needs to kill  7 person ,get the chips including his own which 8 to get off this Island .After that he met Himiko , a blonde girl that was sent by friends.She told them that there is no point getting off this island as there will be nobody waiting for us in our home because everyone here is hated by the person you know or your family,your friends  or your loved ones that sent you here. She knew this because before she get to this island... her friend actualy told her that she got a mysterious letter and that you can write the name of the person you hate on the letter and that person will dissapear and her friends wrote her name..... After that Sakamoto the met pyscho kid call Kosuke kira ( my favourite character) who became pyscho because he was abused by his own father.Sakamoto fought with him and won . And I guess i should stop here.... Or I will be telling you the whole story :3 YOU BETTER WATCH IT!
                     Btooom!...Notice the chip? That is the chip everyone is fighting for to get off the island.... and it function as radar as well
                         When he woke up in the island....I find him so handsome!!! I was like YOU ONE OF A                                                                                        
                         HANDSOME HARDCORE GAMER

                                                                  After he had killed the first person.....
                                                                         When he was gaming....
                                                               The mother really creeps me out the most....
                                          And this is Himiko....I dont really like her...but oh well she is the main girl inside..
And this is the pyscho kid and my favourite character!
And this is the pyscho kid and my favourite character : KOSUKE KIRA!!!! This is his face after killing his father.HOW SICK RIGHT BUT I LIKE IT LOL and I like his voice very much!!! I mean of course~ His seiyuu is Miyuki Sawashiro!!! I love her voice and she kinda sound like 96neko!!!!
The most wtf scene of the whole anime..... This is how he is abused by his father...Can't really blame him for being pyscho..
" The game has only just begun " OMGGGG THIS IS THE PART I lIKE THE MOST OF THE OPENING NO PAIN NO GAME BY NANO.THIS WERE SHE WHISPERS AND ITS JUST COOL!!! Anyway this is BTOOOM! I told my friends about it :3 And I feel like telling sumore hahaha but anyway for this anime I would rate it 9/10 even tho the graphic is not that good but it was good I guess .I am okay with it. Except there is no girls for me to like LOL!