Friday, February 8, 2013

Yuzuki Yukari

I was on the phone with Shio moi and thats when I was curious and went to listen Yuzuki Yukari's covers! And I like her ! Her appearance and her voice! She kinda reminds me of Date a live! 's character with her hood and the doll
And this is Yuzuki Yukari~!! Her family name Yuzuki is derived from the word connect and moon, and given name connection or relation.The concept for Yukari is "People who are related to the Vocaloid connect the sounds/moon one another" (VOCALOIDに縁のある人達が音(月)を結ぶ). The English title is "She unites you all with her voice."

The first time I heard her voice was from Meltdown .It was nice!! And her Hello/how are you is not bad as well!! Torinoko city is nice! And she blends quite well with IA .She often collabs with IA I think.. I always see her with IA well MOSTLY .Check her out!!!