Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finally Tamako Market!

Tamako market is a very light and easygoing anime :3 Its funny and random! Well Tamako is a mochi maker's daughter.They own a mochi shop in a shopping district.Then one day,when Tamako was coming back from school ,she stop by the flower shop and saw a bird in the middle of the flowers.... Apparently he got was tired and fell into the bunch of flower that were to be distributed and ended up here.... Tamako accidentally sneeze on him and for his country...sneezing on someone means proposal.. and thats how he decided to stay with Tamako... ! The bird ended up at the flowers because he was searching a suitable bride for his prince back home. And the amusing thing about him is he can talk!!! LOLLL He was thin at first but later became fat because he keeps eating mochi ahahahhaa Anyway the BIRD really never failed to amaze me every episode.And Tamako is cute >< Well the whole anime is cute! Anyway some screen shots
The bird was this thin at first.................
Thats how Tamako met the bird
When Tamako is making mochi ~
Tamako: I love Mochi!
I laughed at his name I mean whats with Mochiyucky?? Of all names ??!! Tamako 's father was kinda pissed at the name ahahahhaa
I am amazed by Tamako!
This Midori-chan~ She is quite cute isnt she??
Nagase Shiori !!! My favourite girl!!!
Tamako >< I really like it when she is going to sleep because she will let down her hair
Thats how Tamako swim ahahahhaa
Arent the 4 of them just cute?>v<
The bird has to be on Tamako's head all the while -.-
My second favourite girl! Kanna-chan~
Apparently...the bird can be a projector....
hahaahhaha this is the part where they are waking Tamako
The shuttlecock hits her forehead!
Wondering why is he gold? WELL because the bird that is suppose to be on it which is fake gold bird broke and he was used to replaced it!
Notice the bird?
Tamako is just an airhead.Basically she look like Iori from Kokoro connect but have the attitude of Yui from K-ON
When the people saw him standing so proudly on it ...they were like..
Actually Mochizou is quite handsome huh ~ I find him cute >< and He likes Tamako~
Dera-chan sleeps with Tamako~ How lucky ~I am jealous >,<
LOL! Tamako's reaction hahahahahhaa and seems like Midori is quite popular
LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Kanna's chocolate is even more epic! And anyway Tamako gave the chocolates to her dad ...poor Mochizou ~