Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Maoyuu Maoh Yuusha


Been wanting to write a review on this but was lazy to screenshot the pictures .But now I am lazy to do my homework so I guess I will not waste my time.Maoyuu Maoh Yuusha in short is Maoyuu .This anime has a cute romance from what I can see from the Yuusha and Maoh .They both are just so innocent and sweet xD Maoh is just tooo cute!!This story is about Yuusha setting out to kill the Maoh and he left his comrades to face the Maoh alone because he wants to protect his comrades but when he met the demon king .SHE turns out to be a bishoujo!Thus He couldn't lay a hand on her and Maoh does not want kill or fight as well.She wanted to meet the Yuusha for a very long time already.She wanted Yuusha to take her to the outside world and stop war with the least bloodshed .So she want Yuusha to aid her and she wants to aid Yuusha into accomplishing it since they both wants the same thing.And so they both form a contract.Yuusha belongs to Maoh and Maoh belongs to Yuusha.Actually I think Maoh likes Yuusha LOL!! Obviously.Thus they set out to work towards their goals.First,Maoh uses her intelligience and introduce potato as a food to solve the problem for the countries that are short of food.Guess I will stop here and PICTURES TIME~
                                                            The Maoh.So pretty rightttttt :3
                Thats why he couldn't lay a hand on her~ Who would have thought she is such a bishoujo??!!
                                         She wants the Yuusha.How can the Yuusha say no? xD

They come offf?????!!!! I laughed at this parttt so muchh!!!The horns were fake apparently =3=

She said her flesh were useless and that what men seeks in women she doesnt have it.All she have is all these useless flesh and I am like LOL WHAT MEN SEEK IN WOMEN YOU TOTALLY HAVE IT.                               
The mages~ They havent appear but I look forward to their appearance!!
                                                                  What a lucky bastard.
                                          UGHHH But they dint manage to kisss.So potong stim huh
Random demons~ They are slave to the humans when the demon world lose the war and its vice versa.If the humans lose.The humans will become the slaves instead.

HOHOHO~ My favourite character next to Maoh ~ Its the knight~ And the seiyuu is Miyuki Sawashiro >< How can I not like her >W< Anyway she is cute in her own way and she is COOL!
                   See? Isnt she pretty? She can be pretty as well~ As expected from my favourite character!
                                                             Her so called useless flesh ~