Friday, July 12, 2013

Nisekoi getting an anime~!!!!

So..Nisekoi is gonna have its anime!! YAYYYY~~ TTT^TTT LIKE FINALLY IT HAPPEN AND FRUITS ARE FINALLY BEARING AFTER  FOLLOWING IT FOR SO LONG-- ....and Kimi no Iru Machi has just started to air as well~Check them outtt! 

So Nisekoi .they calls it false love but I think fake love would be more accurate ? But oh well as the title says... its a fake love.A fake relationship form between Raku Ichijou (the harem dude fug himmmm) and Chitoge Kirisaki(ahh i like her alottt) . They had to fake this relationship to ensure the safety of Japan. Raku  is from a yakuza family while Chitoge is from a mafia family.Both of these group have been fighting since who knows when and both of the family head  wants to stop it and are actually friends,but just because they have become friends was hard to convince both of the underlings not to fight each other so they came out with a solution that is to have both their children to become fake lovers. Raku and Chitoge have to do this to preserve the peace of this country! Both of them don't get along at all and out of sudden they have to act all lovey dovey in front of the underlings... what would this comedic fake love turn into..? YOU GOTTA READ THE MANGA OR WATCH  THE ANIME THEN! Anyway I really like this manga alot and has been following it until now ~ <3Its really good and humourous and yet surprise you in every new chapter
And now it has been announced that its gonna get its anime so I gotta post this!!! xDD

And the seiyuu for the lead cast is out~!
Raku Ichijou: Kouki Uchiyama
Chitoge Kirisaki: Nao Toyama
Kosaki Onodera: Kana Hanazawa
(Wheeeee~ I love Kana Hanazawa~~~ <3)

So here's the manga link:


                                              Raku Ichijou with his harem~ UGHHH KILLS///

    His princesses~ (I would call them that xD)
                       awwww I love both of themmm >__< ....actually I like all of them AHAHAHAHH

                           lakjflkasjflaksfljfaskj//DIES// This is Tsumugi~~ cksjflas She's soooo cuteeeeee <333

AHHAHAHAHAH Their face when they find out about the so called solution..

One of the jackass stuff that Raku did HAHAHAHAHh WTF.MAN WHO WOULD GIVE THIS TO HER GF---PFFFT

awww Onodera is sooo cuteee asklfaskjfaslfkjslfjlasjfklasjfklajs

awwww LOOK AT CHITOGE LKASfkjasflaksfalfalskjflajf SOOO CUTEEE

one of the sweet moments that actually has no interruptions~

and not to be unfair to Onodera~~~ <333

AND NOWWWW CHOOOSE!! MORE LIKE CAN U CHOOOSE? HEHEHEH xD Hope u enjoy my rantings~ <333333333