Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Date A Live (デート・ア・ライブ)

 Date A live. Basically  if you're man and you don't watch it.. you're probably gay or not a man LOL . The characters are all moe in their own ways~ I love all of them!! >__<

Okay basically the summary of the plot is the spacequake that "spirits" create when they land on earth.Shido Itsuka (the main protagonist and the lucky bastard) holds the power to seal the spirit's power and not make them go berserk with their power--but he will have to make them fall in love with him kiss them to seal it .Kotori which is his sister also turns out to be the captain of the airship Fraxinus and has appointed him to seal the spirit's power. First one for him to conquer is Tohka. and guess what? THEY ARE HAVING A SECOND SEASON WHEEE~~~
Yatogami Tohka.
Codename: Princess
She is the first spirit to be saved by Shido and she's really cute  >__< SOO TSUNDERE <33

Kotori Itsuka.
Younger sister of Shido and later to be revealed that she is also a spirit <333 HER SPIRIT OUTFIT IS REALLY PRETTY *Q*

And the 3 of them in hot spring-- they have come a long way to reach the hot spring =__= AND LOOK AT TOHKA"S FACE ALSFKJASFKLJ SOO CUTEEE

Kurumi Tokisaki.
She's kinda yandere? BUT I LIKE HER. She's creepy yet desiring.... I like her in both her spirit and normal form .


Kotori is darn cute as well AKJFALSJFLSK And she turns out to be a spirit as well awww <33